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This is a guide for you if you recently became unemployed.

STEP 1: Register as unemployed on

You have to register as unemployed on from the first day of unemployment. You must use MitID to gain access to opens in a new tab)

STEP 2: Fill out the unemployment declaration form (in Danish: "ledighedserklæring") on

When you are unemployed, FTFa requires you to fill out an unemployment declaration form with a number of different details about yourself. The declaration is filled out via Tast Selv on To access Tast selv, use your MitID.

You must remember to fill out an umemployment insurance benefit card (in Danish: dagpengekort) in Tast Selv every month. See when the card is due.

STEP 3: Fill out your joblog

Fill out your joblog on and update your joblog at least once a week. 

STEP 4: Upload your CV to

You need to have an active CV on while you are unemployed. It is important that you fill it in when you are unemployed. Your CV has to be approved by FTFa within three weeks of your registration at the job centre. You must make your CV accessible and remember to write your contact details on it so that any interested employer can get a hold of you.

STEP 5: Welcome meetings and approval of CV at FTFa

FTFa will invite you to a joint welcome meeting approximately three weeks after you have become unemployed.

At the welcome meeting, we will inform you about the different options you have when you are unemployed and about how you can use FTFa. We will also approve your CV on

You can find some inspiration for your application and CV here and here (content in Danish but there are two examples in English).

STEP 6: Interviews at the job center

You will also be invited to interviews with mandatory attendance at the job centre once every three months. If you live in the Copenhagen Municipality, you only have to attend interviews with FTFa as we cover the initial contact with our unemployed members during the first six months of unemployment.

STEP 7: You need to be available

To receive unemployment insurance benefits, you have to be available for the labour market. This means, among other things, that you have to be actively searching for employment. FTFa recommends that you apply for at least 1 posted/vacant full time job per week and at least 7 per month. It is important that you are familiar with the requirements in the area, or you may lose your unemployment insurance benefits.

You can be invited to interviews and meetings in FTFa as well as at the job centre when you are unemployed, and you are required to attend these. We will send you a letter, so you can book an appointment in Tast Selv

STEP 8: When you get a job

When you get a job, you must remember to contact your job centre in order to deregister as unemployed. You must deregister on your first working day. You can do this on FTFa receives a message directly from the job centre when you are employed again. Therefore, you do not have to contact us.


Our objective is to support you finding a job as quickly as possible.

That's why we recommend that you attend the many meetings and inspirational presentations which are on offer by FTFa. You are also very welcome to book an individual counselling session with a job adviser in order to focus on your job search and learn about your options.

Visit our events page and use the filter to see meetings in english