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Special rules apply when you go abroad for an interview while receiving unemployment insurance benefits:

Leaving and returning on the same day

You are always entitled to participate in a job interview abroad if you leave and return on the same day. Your eligibility for unemployment insurance benefits depends on you being available for the labour market in Denmark, and that means that you have to make sure to check and read your mail etc on the day when you participate in the interview abroad. You are required to have returned to Denmark the same day as your departure.

Up to five days abroad

If you have a set date for a job interview you can stay outside the Danish borders for up till five days. You have to be able to document that you have a job interview, i.e., in the form of an invitation or similar. You have to forward this documentation to us.

Before you depart you must inform your job centre and FTFa of your date of departure and the extend of your stay.

Please be aware that the number of days refers to civil days. You have to have returned to Denmark no later than five civil days from your departure. If you leave on a Monday you have to be back by Friday, and cannot include the weekend in your stay if you want to keep your eligibility for unemployment insurance benefits.

If you return later than five civil days from your departure you lose your claim to unemployment insurance benefits for the total duration of your stay including the first five days.