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As a member of FTFa, you have excellent opportunities for working abroad. At the same time, it is a really good idea to gain work experience in another country as you will experience a new country and a new labour market and will be able to enhance your language proficiency.

However, it is important that you are aware that the regulations regarding unemployment insurance benefits, early retirement payments, etc are different depending on which country you move to or return home from. Read more on everything regarding leacing and returning to DK here.

You should always contact FTFa before you move abroad, or before you come home again in order to ensure that you do things right.

Can I be a member of FTFa when I am working in another country?

As a main rule, you have to be a member of the unemployment insurance fund in the country where you are working. Not all countries have an unemployment insurance system the way we know it in Denmark, so in those countries you have to be covered by the country's social insurance system. You cannot be a member of FTFa if you are working in another country than Denmark.

However, you must make sure that you have become a member of the foreign unemployment insurance system prior to resigning from FTFa.

Rules are different in each individual country, and unemployment insurance benefits can be perceived differently. That is why you must always contact FTFa, so that we can inform you what rules apply to the country you consider moving to.

However, you can receive unemployment insurance benefits from Denmark for three months whilst seeking employment in an EEA country.