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  • Unemployment insurance: An a-kasse is a government supported insurance in Denmark, providing financial aid to unemployed members.

  • In order to become eligible to receive financial benefits it is required that you have been a member of the a-kasse for at least 12 months and live up to the employment and income requirements.
  • Extensive support: Members receive unemployment benefits (dagpenge), job search assistance, and career related services.
  • Who can register? Open to workers, self-employed, students and recent graduates, with benefits for full and part-time employed people.

  • Prices: FTFa is the most affordable interdisciplinary a-kasse in Denmark at 488 kroner per month and the membership fee is tax-deductible.

  • Unemployment benefits: As a member of the a-kasse you’ll get up to 20.359 kroner per month (2024) See more.


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In Denmark, the concept of a-kasse plays a crucial role in the social security system. The Danish model of a-kasse is designed to provide financial support and assistance to individuals who are temporarily out of work. Becoming a member of an a-kasse in Denmark is a strategic decision for workers, offering a safety net during periods of unemployment.

You can read more about membership of FTFa and find a membership FAQ right here.


The a-kasse system in Denmark is unique, as it operates on the principle of voluntary membership. This means that while it's not mandatory, joining an a-kasse in Denmark is highly recommended for all working individuals with 83% of the workforce enrolled. The primary benefit of being a member of an a-kasse is the entitlement to receive unemployment benefits if one loses their job. These benefits are substantially higher than the basic welfare support provided by the state.

Furthermore, the a-kasse system in Denmark offers more than just financial support. Members have access to various career-related services, such as advice on job searching, career counselling, and skill development courses. This holistic approach ensures that members of an a-kasse in Denmark are not only financially supported but also empowered to re-enter the workforce as efficiently as possible.



Another notable aspect of the a-kasse in Denmark is its flexibility. Members who find part-time work can still receive partial benefits, making the transition back to full-time employment smoother. This system helps individuals to stay active in the job market, even during periods of partial unemployment.

Who can become a member?

The eligibility to join an a-kasse in Denmark typically requires that the individual is employed or has recently been employed.
Recent graduates can also benefit from joining an a-kasse, as they offer special terms for new entrants to the labor market. This early membership can be particularly beneficial, as it provides a safety net right from the start of one's career.

What does a-kasse membership cost?

In terms of cost, joining an a-kasse in Denmark is relatively affordable. The fees are often seen as a prudent investment against the uncertainty of unemployment. Moreover, these fees are tax-deductible, making the a-kasse system in Denmark an economically wise choice. See prices and rates here.


In conclusion, the a-kasse system in Denmark is a cornerstone of Denmark’s social security structure. It offers substantial benefits to members, including financial support, career services, and flexibility. The voluntary nature of the a-kasse in Denmark empowers workers to take charge of their unemployment insurance, providing peace of mind in an ever-changing job market.

As such, membership in an a-kasse is not only a safety measure but also a proactive step towards career resilience in Denmark.



It is easy to become a member of the a-kasse FTFa, all you have to do is register. You can fill in your information in the enrollment form or if you have any questions you need answered you can request a call from an FTFa employee.

You can read more about membership of FTFa and find a membership FAQ right here.


FTFa is recognized as one of the best a-kasse for foreigners in Denmark, offering an array of services tailored specifically to meet the needs of those from abroad. This distinction comes from FTFa's deep understanding of the challenges faced by foreigners, especially when new rules are introduced in the Danish labor market. To ensure that all members can navigate these changes effectively, FTFa commits to providing comprehensive guidance and support in English, recognizing it as the universal language of communication for internationals in Denmark.

FTFa for foreigners

One of the standout features of FTFa as the best a-kasse is our proactive approach in keeping foreigners informed about new rules affecting unemployment insurance and job seeking in Denmark. This is crucial, as staying updated with the latest regulations can significantly impact one's eligibility for benefits and opportunities for employment. FTFa ensures that information about new rules is readily available and understandable in English, making it easier for foreigners to adapt and plan their career paths effectively.

Moreover, FTFa's services for foreigners are designed with the understanding that access to clear and reliable information in English is key to successfully integrating into the Danish workforce. Whether it's guides on navigating new rules, workshops on job search strategies, or personalized career counseling, FTFa ensures that these resources are the best a-kasse can offer, all available in English. This dedication to providing service in English not only breaks down language barriers but also empowers foreigners to make informed decisions about their careers in Denmark.

English communication

FTFa's emphasis on English communication extends to all its interactions with foreigners, making it the best a-kasse for those looking to understand and comply with Denmark's new rules. This focus on English has made FTFa not just the best a-kasse for foreigners but also a vital partner in their journey to success in the labor market Denmark.

In conclusion, FTFa's commitment to serving foreigners, its continuous updates on new rules, and its comprehensive services in English solidify its reputation as the best a-kasse for internationals in Denmark. By prioritizing the needs of foreigners and ensuring they have access to crucial information and support in English, FTFa plays a pivotal role in helping internationals navigate the complexities of the Danish labor market and thrive in their professional lives.