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When you complete your education, there are several ways to land your first job. At FTFa, we have no doubt about your skills and expertise in your craft. As a newly graduated individual, it's especially important to make employers aware of your presence.

Engaging in company internships is a great way to open doors to the right companies and individuals for you. Company internships are not only beneficial for employees; they can also be a means of acquiring tasks and clients if you have your own business.

However, it's crucial that the company internship aligns with your future goals and isn't something you do just to satisfy either your unemployment fund FTFa or your job center. Nonetheless, working as an intern can be immensely rewarding as it provides you with more experience and teaches you how to navigate a workplace effectively.

Below, we have listed practical information worth knowing about company internships:

  • You need to find the company where you want to do your internship.
  • You can start your internship from your first day of unemployment.
  • The Jobcenter must approve your company internship before you can begin.
  • Employers apply to have you as an intern at their company.
  • As a graduate, you can be in a company internship for up to 4 weeks.
  • Your company internship must take place in Denmark and cannot be conducted abroad.
  • You are still required to be available for work while you are in the internship. Read more about availability here.

We are often asked if company internships are just free labor.

In the context of company internships, there are several protective measures in place to ensure that you are not being exploited.

You cannot intern at a company where you have previously been employed, and you can only do a company internship with a specific company once. It cannot be an extension of your previous employment, where the employer takes advantage of the fact that you can receive unemployment benefits during the final period of the project or continues to not hire you.

Therefore, you should see it as a good opportunity that you have during certain periods before your next project.

Can I do a company internship abroad?

No, you cannot do a company internship abroad.

Can I do a company internship multiple times at the same company?

No, you can only do a company internship once at the same company.


You should find the place where you want to do your company internship in the same way you would try to find your next job.

FTFa generally recommends using your network, where you likely know someone who works in the right place.

This could include internal or external instructors from your educational institution, for example.

Social Media
You probably follow various companies or individuals on social media who inspire you and whom you already have a good knowledge of.

Job search portals
You can also find your company internship by approaching employers who have the perfect job.


A newly graduated composer and sound designer secured a company internship at an indie game company. Although the internship did not lead to immediate employment within the company, it provided valuable experience. The person's name was included in the company's breakthrough game, which helped them secure later positions at major game studios.

A newly graduated editor expanded her network through three company internships. As a result, she was able to work as a freelancer for various production companies that became familiar with her name and skills.

A designer shares: "I knew that the company internship wouldn't turn into a permanent position. However, the collaboration during those four weeks led to numerous significant freelance projects later in my career."

These examples highlight how company internships can provide valuable experiences, networking opportunities, and a platform for showcasing skills and talents, which can open doors to future career prospects and freelance opportunities.