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Your unemployment insurance fund is invaluable for you as a student.

While you are a student, on occasion you may be short of funds. Fortunately, your membership of an unemployment insurance fund is free when you are a student under the age of 30. And, you get all the advantages.


You can become a free member of FTFa if you are under the age of 30 and your education is set to last at least 18 months.

Are you above the age of 30?

Then you can still be a free member of FTFa if your education is set to last at least 18 months. However, in order to hold a free membership to FTFa, you are required, by law, to have joined and make payments to the early retirement scheme. Besides that, you have to have been eligible for unemployment insurance benefits at the beginning of your studies. These requirements are politically decided.

If you do not wish to continue to be a part of the early retirement scheme you can always leave and have your payments transferred to a private pension fund.

Whether you are under or over 30 years old there is an upper limit to your income in order for you to hold free membership:

  • If your studies qualify for the Danish State Educational Grant and Loan Scheme (SU) your annual income cannot exceed the maximal level of unemployment insurance benefits
  • f you are a paid intern you cannot work next to your internship
  • If your studies are a combination of SU and paid internship, you have to contact FTFa to hear more about your options.
  • If you are no longer eligible for unemployment insurance benefits, you can hold a free membership while you are unemployed. However, you must be registered at and you cannot receive public benefits (social security or rehabilitation benefits).