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As an FTFa member your fee is due once every quarter, and you pay for three months at a time.

We will automatically notify Skat about your fee which is deductible.

Payment service

We recommend that out members sign up the fee for automatic payment at Betalingservice.

You can sign up for Betalingservice at your bank or through your online bank.

Information required to register:

  • Bs-number: 01236792
  • Debtor group number: 02328
  • Membership number

You can also sign up directly at Betalingsservice here - opens in new tab

If you sign up for Betalingsservice, you will not have to pay the administrative fee of 50 DKK. 

If you live abroad, you can pay through a bank transfer.

You will need:

  • Your social security number as your client number
  • IBAN number: DK 2554700002096122
  • SWIFT-code/ BIC-code NYKBDKKK

Your unemployment insurance fee consists of several parts.

It includes a mandatory contribution to the state, an administration fee to FTFa, a contribution to the Danish Labour Market Supplementary Pension (ATP)and potentially an early retirement contribution if you have joined the early retirement scheme.

The state and ATP contributions are the same for all unemployment insurance funds.

The unemployment insurance funds determine the administration fee and thus the price of a membership varies from fund to fund. FTFa is one of the cheapest funds in the country because our administration fee is small.

If you want to cancel your membership go to Tast Selv – "alle blanketter" – "andet" – "udmeldelse".

Cancellation must happen with a month’s notice at the end of a month, and the membership fee must be paid until the end of the period. Please be aware that if you terminate your membership you have to be a full member for another year before you are entitled to unemployment insurance benefits again.

If you change jobs or fields you do not need to switch funds. FTFa is cross-disciplinary so you can always remain with FTFa.

If you switch to another unemployment insurance fund FTFa will automatically be informed, so you do not need to contact us yourself.

When you reach the age of retirement FTFa has to cancel your membership, as you cannot hold a membership to an unemployment insurance fund as a pensioner. We will inform you via letter.

If you have worked abroad, you must make sure to rejoin FTFa no later than 8 weeks after your unemployment insurance benefits in the local insurance fund run out. If you do not, you will lose the seniority you have attained while abroad.

Contact us well in advance before leaving or returning home in order for us to consult on your options.


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