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FTFa (the Salaried Employees’ and Public Servants’ Unemployment Benefit Fund) is a nationwide unemployment insurance fund with around 150,000 members, who typically have a short or medium-cycle third-level education. We believe that our members would rather be in work than on unemployment benefits. Consequently, we work every day to be the direct route for our members to a new job – both for those who are currently unemployed, and for those who are in work but seeking new challenges.

We are an unemployment insurance fund for all professional groups, but we co-operate closely with 58 trade unions. Our largest professional areas include the financial sector, the social services area, the diet and nutrition area, artists, salaried employees, constructing architects and other white-collar positions.

Our members are employed widely in the labour market with around 60 percent working in the private sector and approximately 40 percent in the public sector. We have a market share of just over 6 percent of the unemployment fund market, and we insure approximately 25 percent of the Danish workforce who have a short or medium-cycle higher education.

Nationally we have almost 200 employees, of whom just over 50 work with FTFa’s employment efforts. We have offices in Copenhagen, Odense, Aarhus and Aalborg, as well as three satellite offices in Esbjerg, Kolding, Herning and Næstved, where we hold interviews by appointment.



One is that we work to get our members back into work as soon as possible if they become unemployed. The second is that we pay out unemployment benefits and other benefits to our members.



We co-operate with a wide range of companies in the industries in which our members work. In many cases we can offer to act as a recruiting partner when companies are looking for the kind of skills that our members possess.

We have a large number of sought-after employment products for members who are unemployed, under notice, studying or in employment. For example we offer around 20 different courses that members can sign up for and use free of charge, including courses on how to make unsolicited applications to a company, or how to use LinkedIn actively in your job searches.