In need of an advisor?


Now, as an unemployed member, you can choose whether you want to meet with job advisors from the unemployment insurance fund over the phone, video call, or physically at our offices across the country.

Ledig - 03. May 2023 - Camilla Bech Hornung

In March, it became legally possible to hold digital conversations. For you, who are unemployed and a member of FTFa, this means that the conversations you need to have while you are unemployed can take place over the phone, video, or by physical attendance.

The possibility of being able to hold digital conversations has long been debated by politicians and actors in the employment field. Just like the form has been tested both during and in the wake of the corona shutdown.

Since the corona times, we have upgraded our abilities to hold digital conversations. We have gained good experiences and established well-functioning systems. At the same time, we know that many members are happy with the digital conversation.

Mads Kromann Fog, Deputy Director of FTFa, points out some clear advantages of meeting digitally:

"There is no doubt that it is simpler and faster for the member to meet with one of our job advisors digitally when you do not have to spend time on transport. At the same time, the dialogue may even become even better when there is not a physical desk between the member and the job advisor."

You can choose between three types of meetings

According to the legislation, the first conversation with the unemployment insurance fund must still be physical. But after that, there is free choice. At FTFa, we have chosen to let it be up to you as a member to decide how you prefer to meet with us. This means that when you go in and book conversation number two, you can choose between three different forms:

  • Video meeting
  • Phone call
  • Physical attendance

Many members prefer digital solutions

In a new survey, we asked our members about their digital behavior and preferences. Here, ¾ tell us that they prefer to use digital solutions, while ¼ are most into physical attendance.

"There is no doubt that many of our members prefer to use the digital opportunities that exist. But we must still remember that there are differences in our members' preferences - for some, physical attendance will be the best solution. And we meet that here by making both a physical, telephone, and digital conversation form available," emphasizes Mads Kromann Fog.

At FTFa, it is not only the conversations that can be held digitally. As a member, you can also participate in a wide range of different webinars, so you can get inspiration to move on well in working life no matter where you are in the country.