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Ferhat received guidance from one of FTFa's career coaches even before he resigned from his previous position. This meant that he had plenty of time to refine his application and CV and quickly went to job interviews. In fact, he was only unemployed for a month before securing a new job.

Ledig - 02. August 2021 - Caspian Christiansen

The sooner you start looking for a new job, the faster you'll move forward. Ferhat Ilikkan believes in this, having experienced it firsthand.

The sooner you can get help, the better. For me, getting help from FTFa early on provided clarity about my situation and my options. A month before I left the bank, I was ready with my CV and application. It was very reassuring. Ferhat Ilikkan

He contacted the unemployment insurance fund FTFa because he wanted to seek new challenges.

"I initially wanted to learn about wage insurance options and inquire about unemployment benefit rules. But I was also told that I could get career guidance. In fact, I needed guidance before a job interview, so I spoke with Martin. I'm really glad I did," Ferhat shares.

Martin Nielsen is a job and career coach at FTFa. He assists members in advancing their careers – both when they are unemployed and when they are still employed but looking for something new – as was the case with Ferhat.

Match your skills to the job posting

One of the pieces of advice Ferhat received was to focus on aspects relevant to the company regarding the tasks he would be performing during the job interview.

"By doing thorough research, it was easier for me to match my professional and personal skills to the job posting, making my approach both specific and relevant. For instance, I wanted the job because I have extensive financial knowledge, and I enjoy working with people and giving them hope. That's my motivation," Ferhat explains, continuing, "Martin also helped me simplify my language and remove filler words from my application. I could also use this in the conversation. He tailored the curriculum to be exam-relevant, so to speak."

After attending job interviews at three different workplaces, Ferhat was able to sign two new employment contracts.

Good preparation led to new opportunities - faster

Ferhat was only unemployed for a month before starting his new job, where he now works with financial counseling in the Municipality of Copenhagen.

If you are open to receiving guidance, FTFa has the tools to help you move forward – and take on the challenge with you. And that is what Martin did with me. Ferhat Ilikkan

Ferhat's 3 tips for other members:

  1. I would definitely recommend people contact FTFa well in advance. The sooner you can get help, the better. It causes you much less stress because you have more time to prepare. Maybe you have 10 things in your application that you then have ample time to improve before you start receiving unemployment benefits.
  2. Anyone can find themselves needing to look for a new job. Stay positive and keep working to move forward.
  3. Believe in yourself and be open to guidance and new learning.