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For nearly half a year, Thea Frank sent applications and CVs to various companies without being called for an interview. She needed a sparring partner who could get her to the top of the pile. She found that at FTFa. And after targeting her CV and preparing thoroughly for the interview, she secured a new job.

Jobsøgning - 22. August 2022 - Camilla Bech Horning

On a day in June, Thea Frank saw an open position at Dansk Hørecenter. It was just right for her. She had the relevant experience and a clear motivation for that particular job.

"I grew up with a father who gradually lost his hearing. Therefore, I know what it's like to be a relative to the disability that hearing loss is. And I can understand the things that happen when one loses their hearing," says Thea Frank.

But with many rejections behind her and employers not responding, she had to do something different than usual. So she contacted FTFa's 24-hour sparring, a service for all members where they can spar with a job counselor about a specific position, application, and CV.

"When it's been so long without being called for an interview, and when the market is so good, I become insecure. My self-esteem drops when I don't hear anything. I simply lacked a professional sparring partner who could help me. I've been happy to use 24T before, and this time I ended up with Jens Dinsen, and the chemistry was great," she says, elaborating:

I thought I had a good application. And Jens confirmed that for me. It made me regain confidence in myself. The excellent professional sparring I received, with a touch of humor and ample time, gave me faith that I would handle this. Thea Frank

Refined the CV

Together with Jens Dinsen, a job and career coach, Thea targeted her CV. It's what employers read first.

"An employer typically spends between 30 seconds and 2 minutes reading your CV. Therefore, you have to be extremely sharp and provide them with what they are looking for," explains Jens, pointing out three things you can do:

  • Use headlines in your CV
  • Add a picture
  • Use bullets to highlight your most important competencies

Thea used these tips.

"I probably spend 10 hours creating a CV and application, so it's frustrating when an employer only spends a short time reading it. What made me insecure was that I wanted them to read the application first. But we made a chronological CV. We deleted many things that were not relevant to the job, and we expanded on the relevant things to make it more clear."

It worked. Thea was called for a job interview.

Practice your answers for the job interview

Jens Dinsen also recommended that Thea prepare well for the job interview.

"If you have something you're unsure about, you have the opportunity to practice so you have your answers ready. Don't get into long explanations, but listen to what the employer is actually asking," advises Jens Dinsen.

One of the things Thea practiced was the answer to why she was no longer at her previous workplace. During the interview, she also made sure to highlight her goal of having satisfied customers when they left the store.

"Of course, I was nervous and excited before the interview. But I told myself that they wanted to see me. So it would be fine. I also became calm by practicing the job interview with Jens," recalls Thea.

Rejection turned into a newly created position

The preparation paid off. Thea made such a good impression on the employer that even though she wasn't offered the position she applied for, the employer called after 14 days and offered her a newly created position as a sales and service assistant at Dansk Hørecenter.

I have actually found a job that suits me Thea Frank

If she were to give good advice to others in the same situation, she has no doubt what it would be:

"Keep believing in yourself. There are jobs out there for you too. I would recommend the unemployment insurance fund to others, and I have always felt that I was helped."


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