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Participate in our webinar and get inspiration on how to target your applications, so that you create an interest and highlight the match between you and the job.

How can you target your CV and cover letter to make employers interested and curious about you? And what exactly are the employers looking for when they read your CV and cover letter? These are the two main questions we will be looking to answer. In brief it is all about giving you input, so that you know how to present your competencies and know-how and present what motivates you about the job.

The focus of our webinar:

  • What do the companies look for in the CV and cover letter?
  • How can you present your professional and personal competencies in a relevant manner?
  • How do you formulate your motivation for applying for the job?
  • When our webinar is finished, you will have been provided with concrete examples and knowledge on how to create interest and heighten your chance to be invited to a job interview.

You can sign up via Tast Selv - see link below.

You will receive the link for the webinar and a guide for log-on in your confirmation email.

Mødetype Webinar
Målgruppe: Ledig Lønmodtager Studerende Nyuddannet Selvstændig Opsagt English Speaking
Varighed 2 hours